DeepaMehta Firefox Plugin

Please note that more recent Firefox versions then 17 are currently not supported Thanks for your understanding.

The DeepaMehta Notetaker (a web browser plugin) let users extract individual structured items from web pages as they browse, and store and annotate them in a shared repository for access by others. 

For whom this extension might be interesting?

This Firefox Extension is developed to be a research and bookmarking utility for a knowledge worker who uses DeepaMehta 4 and Mozilla Firefox Webbrowser at the same time.

What`s the purpose of this extension?

To make all "Web Resources" of one DeepaMehta Installation navigatable in the Mozilla Firefox Webbrowser Toolbar. And to store a noteworthy text passages you find on a webpage in the www, as a "Note" associated with an "Web Resource" in a DeepaMehta Installation.

How does one use this extension?

Bookmark Web Resources: On any webpage you are currently visiting you can press a "Notice"-Button in your toolbar. The "URL" you are just visiting will then be stored as "Web Resource"-Topic in your DeepaMehta 4 installation. During this process you have the chance to give this "Web Resource" a title of your choice.

Bookmark selected text as a note related to a webpage: You can select some noteworthy passages of a text on a webpagr (left click and drag with your pointer over the info) and then "Right-Click" to store the selected text as a "Notice" via your Firefox context menu. During this process can equip your new "Notice" with a proper title. The "URL" of the "Web Resource" you are reading will then also be stored and associated with your new notice.


A *buntu/linux with DeepaMehta (at least) 4.0.11 and 3.6.x - 17.x  Mozilla Firefox Browser. It is now also confirmed to be working with Firefox on Windows and Mac OS.

Firefox 17 / Ubuntu 12.04 Unity Users must deactivate Global Menu Bar Integration Add-On to be able to see the "DeepaMehta Toolbar".


With recent firefox browsers the installation process was just triggered through clicking on link pointing to this In older browsers you may need to download the file to your local storage first.

The "notetaker[@]"-Firefox Addon is typically installed through opening the released .xpi-archive-file through Drag & Drop from a Folder into Firefox, or through locating the file on your hard disk through "Firefox" -> "File" -> "Open"-Dialog.

After the installation, you've have to restart your Firefox Application. After installing, make sure you have a deepamehta instance up and running (locally or remotely) before you start "Noticing"/ to "Notice".


First start your personal deepamehta installation or make sure you have an address of one running on the web.
Configure your Firefox plugin to use it effectively.

Press "CTRL" + "/" to show/hide firefox general add-on toolbar in which we placed the bookmarking button and notification area. After a "Right-Click" in one of your upper firefox toolbars, you can also toggle the "DeepaMehta Toolbar"s visibility. In "Firefox" (4.x-10.x) -> "Preferences"-Dialog, there is also an "Deepamehta Toolbar", click it to make its visibility.

Additionally, in your "Add On"-Manager and the "Tools"-Menu of firefox you can find and set the deepamehta host the firefox extension is running on.

Now you can start bookmarking the address of the current website you are visiting as a "Web Resource" in DeepaMehta. To navigate to your existing "Web Resources" in Firefox then, activate the so called "DeepaMehta Toolbar".

Bug Reports, Diskussionen and Download

For Bug Reports, Discussion and please see the corresponding ticket in our trac, or create a new one for this 3rd Party Module.

Changelog / History

1.0 -- 20121204

* fixed "relating to 'dm4.webbrowser.web_resource' instead of 'dm4.webbrowser.url' issue
* updated compatibility of add-on to firefox 17
* turned of experimental HTML-notetakingoffby default

1.0-RC3/4 -- 20120713

* updated meta-files according to MDN-documentation to support XPI-installation

1.0-RC2-- 201200710

* compatibility upgrade (dm-4.0.11, ff-14.0.x)
* minor code improvements (commenting, logging, indentio)
* fixed URL uniqueness checks and re-usage when e.g. saving text-selections on already know web resources/bookmarks

1.0-RC1 -- 20120301

* compatibility with deepamehta-4.0.9 and up to firefox 10.0.x
* a direct installation from the .xpi file attached to this webpage was reported
* successful and functional with: Ubuntu 10.4.1 and Firefox 10.0.2
* unsuccessful with: firefox 10.0.1 on mac os x 10.6

SNAPSHOT -- 20111102

* compatibility with deepamehta-4.0.5 and up to firefox 7.0.x
* introduced gui notifications (ff>4.0.x) mkaing use of the new <addon-bar>
* couple of code related improvement (clarified outputs, documenting, refactoring)

known issue: storing two notices (text-selections) from the same web resources will fail 
cause of missing URL uniqueness check

SNAPSHOT -- Aug 21, 2011

* compatibility with deepamehta-4.0.3 and up to firefox 6.0.x

v0.1 -- Dec 10, 2010

* compatibility with deepamehta3 v 0.4.2 and with firefox 3.6.x


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