Are you interested in the DeepaMehta project? We are glad about every support!

How you can contribute to DeepaMehta

  • Create a user profile on this website. Enter two or three sentences why you use DeepaMehta!
  • Spread the word! Share your enthusiasm about DeepaMehta with others!
  • Print DeepaMehta stickers and spread them.
  • Answer to questions posted to the DeepaMehta mailing lists (see below).
  • Blog about your experiences with DeepaMehta. Link to the DeepaMehta website!
  • Blog about scientific issues connected to DeepaMehta.
  • Write seminar papers or research projects about DeepaMehta!
  • Help us improve this website.
  • Organize DeepaMehta meetings. Find or found a local DeepaMehta User Group where you live!
  • Write a bug report or a feature request (a ticket in our trac).
  • Write a plugin for what you would like to do with DeepaMehta.
  • Are you experienced in Debian packaging? We are glad about your feedback on the Debian/Ubuntu package (Launchpad Personal Package Archive (PPA):, files:
  • Become a member of the DeepaMehta development association!
  • Your idea here!

Where do we urgently need support?


Mailing lists

The DeepaMehta community communicates via the following mailing lists that you can subscribe to:

Both lists are in English. If you want to reach users and developers, please write only to the deepamehta-users list. All those who subscribe to the deepamehta-devel list should also subscribe to deepamehta-users.

In addition, there is a non-public list for the coordination of the core team.

Here you can get in touch directly with the core team (also in German if you like :-)).


Furthermore, we have an IRC channel. We are a small team, so please be patient in that channel. You can find it here:

Channel: #deepamehta

Face-to-face meetings

As most of us currently live in Berlin, we also meet face to face about every two weeks. We welcome everybody who is interested in joining us! Write to if you'd like to drop in!


Developers wiki, bugtracker and version schedule:

DeepaMehta source code:

Launchpad Personal Package Archive (PPA) for the Ubuntu/Debian package: und the files to build this package:

Community blog: