Wikidata Topicmaps UI

The Wikidata Topicmaps UI provides users functionality to build personal views, so called Topic Maps, based on the current #wikidata. 

Its an alternate user-interface allowing to search, explore and map the 'shared structures of meaning' (J. Murray, New Media Reader) in #wikidata. We established this service to empower researchers, users and developers of wikidata - and other - communities worldwide.

This service is provided as a Wikimedia Labs project in a collaborative effort of the Wikimedia Foundation and the DeepaMehta e.V.

For further documentation on the project please visit the projects wiki-tech page or the concept development page in the DeepaMehta Wiki.

Besides the DeepaMehta 4 Standard Distribution, this service is comprised of the following DeepaMehta 4 plugins:

This service is live at and everyone is welcome to register and start creating Topicmaps based on wikidata items.



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