DeepaMehta News

Jun 21, 2016
DeepaMehta 4.8.1 released

Besides a minor improvement DeepaMehta 4.8.1 fixes several bugs that prevented some 3rd-party plugins to run with DM 4.8. For detailed information see the Release Notes.

Apr 15, 2016
DeepaMehta 4.8 released

DeepaMehta 4.8 is a maintenance release that focuses on collaborative editing, calendaring applications, and administration features. Its development was driven mostly by the needs of the ​CROWD Literature application. For detailed information about DeepaMehta 4.8 see the Release Notes.

Oct 23, 2015
DeepaMehta 4.7 released

DeepaMehta 4.7 is a maintenance release that focuses on both, multi-user server installations, and touch devices. The DeepaMehta file repository is now under access control, in particular private and collaborative file repositories are now supported. Administrators can interactively configure a disk quota (for file uploads) on a per-user basis and enable/disable user accounts. For the first time the DeepaMehta webclient is usable also on touch devices. For plugin developers new features include a configuration facility, and webclient support for hierarchical menus. For detailed information see the Release Notes.

May 31, 2015
DeepaMehta 4.6 released

DeepaMehta 4.6 is a maintenance release that comes with an extended DM meta-model, a lot of small improvements, and (partly overdue) bug fixes. The extended meta-model allows you to define more expressive data models which results in more "natural" topic networks with more dense semantics. As a first application of the extended meta-model the DM Contacts model is revised. For detailed information see the Release Notes.

Feb 04, 2015
DeepaMehta 4.5 released

4.5 is a major release that brings DeepaMehta's basis for Sharing/Collaboration to the next level. For the first time the user can control how (if at all) the content of a workspace is accessible/editable by other users. To accommodate typical sharing/collaboration scenarios 5 access levels are pre-defined: Private, Confidential, Collaborative, Public, and Common. The access levels are enforced by the DeepaMehta backend, so that confidential content is never exposed to unauthorized users. For the first time DeepaMehta supports Privacy. For plugin developers the highlight feature of DeepaMehta 4.5 is Service injection for migrations. This is helpful for the development of upgradable plugins. For detailed information see the Release Notes.

Oct 21, 2014
6th DeepaMehta Development Meeting

At the monthly DeepaMehta Dev Meeting developers present their work, exchange experiences about realized projects, and learn from each other. If you are curious about DeepaMehta, it's a good opportunity to get in touch with us and/or even start your own project. Join us!
When • Tuesday, Oct 21 at 18:00-21:00
Where Wikimedia e.V., Raum ALPHABET • Tempelhofer Ufer 23-24, 10963 Berlin • U1/U7 Möckernbrücke
Agenda • What's new in DM 4.4 • Freifunk API Client in DM • Working groups • Social gathering

Oct 15, 2014
DeepaMehta 4.4 released

DeepaMehta 4.4 is a maintenance release that brings great improvements for plugin developers. Highlights include Service Injection, Declarative Transactions, and a significantly simplified API. Further changes include: • Compatibility with a new plugin: DM4 Geospatial (optional install) for performing geographical "Within Distance" queries. • Felix HTTP is replaced by OPS4J Pax Web for better interoperability with the Karaf ecosystem. Also for users there is a new feature: Custom Role Types can be created within the webclient. For detailed information see the Release Notes.